Thursday, September 30, 2010

I was going through my inbox and came across this pic of Mike while he was deployed to Kuwait in 2004. Look how much hair he had! And how young he is :) Ain't he CUTE!?

Mike... I LOVE YOU!!!!
and lucky for you I've always had a thing for bald guys ;)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fabulous fall

Yes, the best time of year has finally arrived! I was reminded of this as I walked outside to take the recycling out! Nice cool, damp weather.... YAY! A perfect day for soup (and choc chip banana muffins)!

Today for homeschool we learned "Aa" and just in time since there is plenty of apples being harvested right now! While in Delaware over the weekend we stopped at a local produce joint called Fifer Orchards. They have a bunch of stuff for kids to do during the pumpkin and apple picking seasons, but unfortunately it rained the day we were there... so we just got some fresh apples. By the way... honeycrisp apples are officially the best :) Try one.

Yup, fall is in full swing in the Weller household! Pumpkin spice candles are burning, Molly is sporting her bright orange collar, and the fall baking has begun! I made these spicey little treats today... Pumpkin "Gobs"... basically pumpkin cookies stuck together with ooey gooey cream cheese frosting. Delish!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New attempt at blogging...

So... have you ever typed up a really long story onto your blog just to accidentally hit the wrong button and delete it? I HAVE! About two weeks ago I sat down to "update"... wrote out a good bit of what has been going on around here and poof, in an instant it was GONE! haha... Then today, I have been feverishly working towards getting this thing to where I want it! It's been a long couple of hours, but I think I am starting to figure things out... its about time I know! What can I say, I'm so NOT a techie! Anyway, long story (that was deleted and now made very short), we are homeschooling and in our third week, September is almost over, temperatures may finally be dropping, and I am preparing for yet another freezer cooking day. There it is, my life in a nutshell thus far :) Stay tuned for fabulous fall recipes... and my lineup for my October freezer cooking day! Oh yeah and HAPPY FALL YALL!

4th of july... In September!

I was going through my pictures today and found some on my camera from the fourth of july... we went down to the Indian Head fireworks with some good friends of ours. It was sooo much fun! Great show for such a small town! We are definetely planning on going back!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Wow, Im pretty terrible at this whole blogging thing! Worst blogger in the world right here! Anyway... we are less than 3 weeks away from my wonderful hubby's return so I am desperately searching for excellent recipes to make for him :) Currently we are working on eating from the pantry and clearing out some of the things we bought when we moved here in 2008! So, today I made a batch of home made... from scratch cinnamon buns! :D

They came out delish... the home made frosting could use some work... well... not work, just BUTTER! haha... anyway... not too bad for my first ever attempt at from scratch cinnamon rolls!

Tomorrow... Deer...